Fintech Start-Ups: How Traditional Banks Are Starting to Rely on Fintech


Fintech Start-Ups: How Traditional Banks Are Starting to Rely on Fintech

Financial technology is the new technology and innovation which aims to supersede traditional financial instruments in the provision of financial solutions. It is an evolving field which makes use of advanced technology to enhance financial activities in banking. It also aims at reducing the costs of providing financial services. Financial technology includes such practices as Computerized Banking, Electronic Banking, Mobile Money and Electronic Cleaning.

The rise of internet and mobile technologies has seen a marked improvement in many aspects of our lives including technology, business, communications and even fintech. Many organizations are already making use of these tools to provide top companies with a wide range of financial services which have made life a lot simpler for the customers. This also enables banks to deliver better customer support to its customers and enhance the security features for its online transactions. You can find that most of the leading financial institutions of London offer an online banking option through websites.

The financial transactions through these apps are generally safe and easy. This is because most of the financial institutions in London have developed sophisticated software which run on back-end server and serve as the back-end processing service for secure financial transactions. The user needs only to log in to the particular website for making online payments and transactions. Moreover, apart from the standard banking and cheque applications, some of these financial institutions also offer specialty apps like insurance or travel apps, real estate apps, gaming apps, utility apps, etc.

Fintech has revolutionized the way people make online transactions as it is able to deliver tangible results through cost effective and time efficient services. Financial markets across the globe have witnessed explosive growth in past few years, especially in the United Kingdom. Financial companies in Britain have emerged as one of the leading players in the fintech market and have been successful in creating a distinct place for themselves among their international peers.

In fact, the rapid pace at which many of these fintech startups are growing is also a result of the intense competition faced by these traditional banks in the wake of the popular smartphone apps. Apart from offering online services, these banks are also making mobile apps that help their consumers make online transactions and transfers from their mobile phones. The popularity of these mobile apps is increasing at a rapid rate across various UK and European countries. As more consumers are utilizing their smartphones to make transactions and transfers at the convenience of their homes, more consumers are moving towards these fast growing fintech startups.

The need for a safe and secure financial services delivery is also rising at a faster pace. Due to increase in usage of smartphones and other portable devices, online and mobile payments have become an integral part of individuals’ lifestyles. These are not just restricted to a specific segment or age group. Even the common man can enjoy the benefits of these fintech services as it will bring the advantages of secured finances and low interest loans. Investing in fintech startups has become a safe and sound decision especially for those who are looking forward to a hassle free financial services delivery.