How Fintech Is Changing The Financial Services Industry

Financial technology is an evolving technology and innovation which seeks to replace traditional financial instruments in the provision of financial services. It is also an emerging field which makes use of computer technology to enhance financial activities in finance. The main feature of this field is to make financial instruments more effective and efficient by automating certain processes. This also helps to save financial resources for various users by reducing the cost and time involved in their day-to-day activities.


Most of the time, Fintech is introduced to replace current financial services such as check cashing, bill payment, ATM, payday loans etc. These services were perceived as unnecessary by consumers due to their slow process and high costs. Automation of these services enable the consumers to carry on with their routine financial activities without much supervision. With the help of computers, financial technology fintech can now provide a comprehensive range of financial services which will benefit both consumers and financial institutions.

Fintech can be categorised in to two types; end-user and smart end-user. The end-user variety includes software such as personal finance management programs, budgeting tool, social security management program, and others. The other variety is more sophisticated and is fintech that is designed for consumers. The purpose of this kind of financial tools is to provide assistance through the Internet in order to make financial services more convenient, effective, and affordable for end-users.

The introduction of this new kind of financial tools has given consumers a great deal of convenience and benefits. The traditional banks which have been providing financial services for many years are now becoming obsolete. Due to fintech innovations being introduced by various companies, the traditional banks are now losing customers to the competitors. As a result of the decline in business, the traditional banks are facing intense losses. To recover from these losses, the traditional banks are forced to adopt innovative techniques and strategies.

Apart from providing financial services, Fintech companies are also focusing on improving customer service. Since most of the tasks traditionally performed by the bank employees are being performed online, customers experience high level of convenience and comfort while dealing with banking issues. This is because most of the time, the customers can solve their problems directly without having to go through the hassle of calling up a customer representative. In fact, they can do it right from their own homes. As a result of this, the customers are able to get fast and efficient solutions to their banking issues.

Another benefit of fintech is the money transfer of money. It has come to the fore that consumers prefer making money transfers using mobile devices like smartphones compared to traditional money transfer platforms. As a result of this, many Fintech companies have launched apps specifically meant for mobile money transfer. Through these apps, consumers can easily transfer money to anyone around the globe with just a few clicks of their smartphones. Therefore, if you want to utilize modern technology in order to solve your problems, then it would be worth your while to consider investing in an app for fintech.