The Impact Of Fintech Companies On The Banking Industry

Financial technology is the development and technology that aim to successfully replace traditional financial procedures in the provision of financial services to clients. It is also an emerging field that makes use of advanced technology to enhance financial activities in finance. It is the combination of computer science, economics and information technology. This is a branch of accounting but unlike accountancy, it does not include the traditional factors like calculation of cash flows, maintenance of records, budgeting etc. The main aim of financial technology is to provide financial tools to individuals and companies so that they can make decisions about their finance.


There are a number of companies offering financial products and services through the internet. They have developed websites that offer all types of consumer financial products and services. A number of online financial institutions are also available which offer a wide variety of financial products. The most important aim of these companies is to provide financial solutions to consumers. Online fintech companies are able to compete well with financial houses because they do not have much overhead costs.

A number of internet-based fintech companies have introduced unique solutions to financial services and products for consumers. These include budgeting apps, pay pal cash advanced, online bill payment, free mobile recharge, cash advance loans, car and travel card cash loans, budgeting tools, gift cards, credit monitoring and real time data analysis. These are the new generation financial services that are being offered by traditional banks and financial institutions.

In addition, the introduction of new technologies and new products has also contributed in the evolution of fintech. Cryptocurrency has become an important aspect of financial services and it is now being offered by more fintech companies. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that uses peer-to-peer technology for transactions. Some of the most commonly used cryptocurrency include ether, gold, platinum, oil, diamonds, silver and others.

In addition, some traditional sectors like insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities and manufacturing are also entering into the realm of fintech. Most of the consumers prefer online services over traditional banking services because they offer a hassle-free way to do banking. In addition to that, they can access their funds anytime and anywhere around the globe, which is a great advantage for consumers. Fintech companies have also entered into the insurance sector, offering insurance cover for medical and dental expenses. Consumers are able to make use of the benefits that they are provided with through online banking.

The introduction of fintech companies into traditional banking system has caused a significant impact on the financial markets. This is because more consumers are turning to online financial services for their needs. Thus, traditional banks have to increase their services and offer more services to meet the demands of their customers. Furthermore, traditional banks are losing business to fintech companies as well because the traditional models of lending have been greatly disrupted by these online services. The impact on the financial market has brought a drastic change in the banking sector and new business models have been developed. Therefore, consumers are now finding it more convenient and easier to obtain the financial services they need.